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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Greater Boston Dog is Your Dog’s Home Away From Home!

When Are Pickup & Drop Off times at GBD?

We offer 2 pickup & drop-off periods each day.

You can pick up or drop off your dog Monday through Friday between 8 am & 10 am and 2 pm & 6 pm


You can pick up or drop off your dog Saturday & Sunday between 9 am & 11 am and 5 pm & 7 pm

How do I book a reservation for my dog?

You can book a reservation for your dog by clicking here and using our Paw Parter reservation system. *Please remember every new dog requires a trial day and must be up to date with current vaccinations.

What Vaccinatons are required for boarding?
  • Vaccination Requirements
  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Negative Fecal Sample
  • Canine Influenza
  • Bordetella

*All required vaccinations are mandatory and must be up to date. All vaccinations must be provided at least 3 days prior to your reservation.

What about Boarding Extra's & Treats?

Cookies and Frosty Paws:  $3 each

Extra Playtime/ Exercise: $10 per Day

Extra Cuddle Time: $10 per day
Extra Potty Outs: $10 per day

CBD treats for calm & anxiety reduction:  $2 per dose
Insulin injection:  $10 per day
Eye Medication Administration: $10 per day
Oral medication / supplements administration in food: $5 per day    
By mouth: $10 per day  

What should I bring for boarding?

Please bring enough food for your dog’s stay plus 2 additional  days just in case.  Please be sure to pack your dogs medications along with instructions.  You may bring your dog’s bed, we do provide comfortable beds. Please note that we cannot wash large beds and if soiled beyond use we will bag it for you. You may also bring your dog’s favorite toy.

At what age do I start training my dog?

GREATER BOSTON DOG’S philosophy is “as soon as he walks into your home.” We feel that the sooner you train your dog, the easier teaching will be — while preventing a lot of problems from developing. Of course, training will be modified depending on your dog’s age.

I just got a dog, what do I do first?

Contact GREATER BOSTON DOG for a Puppy Dog 101 session to avoid common mistakes of puppy or new dog ownership. Read two great books that will answer all your questions “Mother Knows Best” by Carol Lea Benjamin. You can also pick up a copy of Babette Haggerty’s “Women’s Best Friend”; Any Cesar Milan book is a step in the right direction as well.

How Do I Find A Dog Trainer?

Look no further leave it to GREATER BOSTON DOG, the best dog trainer in the Greater Boston, South Shore, South Coast, Cape Cod, Metro West, North Shore, and Gold Coast!

How do I Housebreak or potty train my dog

I am sure that you understand the difference between housebreaking and paper training. It is almost impossible to do both. To housebreak your dog, keep it in a small area, take it out often, and let it run around your house for short periods of time after having gone ‘potty’ outside. We are opposed to hitting a dog with a newspaper or sticking its nose in its’ mess. If you are gone all day and have a puppy, see if a neighbor will help you out by taking it out for walks. If your puppy is at least four months old and not yet housebroken, contact us immediately!