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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

- Unknown Author

Greater Boston Dog is your Dog’s Home Away from Home. Boutique Boarding & expert training trusted by the stars. 

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Expert Obedience & Problem Solving

Head trainer Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is nationally known & has worked with the best friends of many famous NBA, NFL & WNBA stars!

He will train you and your best friend to live in harmony and obedience. Become the leader of the pack today.

Boutique Dog Boarding

Experience the ultimate in canine comfort with Greater Boston Dog’s Luxury Boarding options! Your beloved companion will enjoy a home-like environment packed with stimulating activities, socilization, nutrition and plenty of rest. Owners live on property so your dog is never alone!

Doggie Daycare Services

In our Day Care, dogs enjoy a balanced day with periods of play, rest, and socialization. Our facility is designed to provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for your pet while you are at work or out of town.

Trust us to provide your canine companion with a truly unforgettable day of indulgence and fun!

Melissa Carruth
Melissa Carruth
Cricket loved her first day of daycare at GBD! The staff fawned all over her and I loved getting pictures ! She will be staying overnight later this month and she can’t wait!
Nicholas Knight
Nicholas Knight
Zephyr met my fiance as she was leaving the boarding kennel and at the time our dog was an insane puller and did not listen well on the leash at all. Zephyr noticed this and told my fiance "when you are ready to fix that please let me know". I contacted Corey to schedule a meet and greet/set up a training schedule. Zephyr is available almost every day and we were able to schedule times that were outside normal 9-5 working hours. Corey is very professional and is an excellent communicator, I cannot stress how good she is on that side of the business. Since the first training session Zephyr implemented a couple changes to how we interacted with our dog during walks/being on the leash. The difference was immediate, with practice at home and training sessions with Zephyr, our dog became a very well mannered pup. You do have to work with your dog at home to reinforce the training, but the techniques Zephyr taught are invaluable. I recommend everyone that I meet to go to Zephyr for dog training and consider this the best investment in training I have ever done with our dog. Thank you so much!
Alice Eppenstein
Alice Eppenstein
My large English Mastiff, Frank is always treated like a King at the Greater Boston Dog Kennel. He recently went for a full grooming and came home looking and smelling great. They girls there are so kind and friendly.
Pamela Carroll
Pamela Carroll
I have been 100% satisfied with the quality of care my pup gets at this kennel. You walk in the door and feel the love.
Eileen Murphy
Eileen Murphy
We have been bringing our labradoodle to Greater Boston Dog for a couple of years for boarding. The staff is excellent! The facility is extremely well run and clean. It truly is so much like a home away from home for our dog! When we drop her off she can’t wait to get inside and start “ her vacation”! She’s truly treated like a member of their family while she’s there…We can always totally relax after we leave her there because we know that she’ll be happy and well cared for..
Lorin Sullivan
Lorin Sullivan
We have boarded our dogs at Greater Boston Kennel many, many times over many years and they are awesome! We also had one of our dogs do the train and stay which was also awesome. Highly recommend!
Joanne Kossuth
Joanne Kossuth
Our dog cannot wait to go to meet and play with his friends whether for daycare of boarding! He loves it! The staff are very attentive and caring and lavish lots of attention on all of their furry clients. We have also utilized private training sessions which have made quite a bit of difference in calming down our household.
Quality & Experience

Dog Boarding & Doggie Day Care

At Greater Boston Dog, we prioritize play, comfort, and care when it comes to our doggy daycare services. The joy on your dog’s face as they bound around in the yard with their furry friends in our specially curated small playgroups is a sight to behold. Our team thoughtfully selects these playgroups with your dog’s safety, enjoyment, and socialization needs at the heart of every decision. But it’s not all go, go, go!

We understand the importance of downtime and relaxation. In between lively playgroups and necessary potty breaks, your dog will retreat to a private, climate-controlled kennel in our dedicated daycare room. Want to spoil your pup even more? make your dog’s day even more special with healthy, delicious treats and luxurious spa services!


Your dog will be comfortable, safe and treated with love, kindness!


Our staff is professional, amazing and LOVES dogs!


Extra play time, cuddle time, oral or topical medication administration available!

Who We Are

Your Dogs Home Away From Home

When it comes to ensuring the utmost happiness and well-being of your beloved pet, Greater Boston Dog is in a league of its own. Our unparalleled services provide your dog with the perfect blend of play, relaxation, and engaging interactions. Our team, led by the renowned expert Zephyr, is passionate and dedicated to providing a loving, stimulating, and safe environment for your dog.With years of experience and an understanding of the diverse needs of all types of dogs, we are more than just a dog boarding facility – we are a cherished
home-away-from-home for your furry friend.


Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of every dog, ensuring personalized attention.


Our dedicated team comprises of experts renowned their field, providing peace of mind to pet owners.


With comprehensive services like training, boarding, spa, and daycare, we cater to all your dog's needs under one roof.


Our facility is designed to ensure safety and comfort, providing a stress-free environment for your pet.

Why Choose Us

Expert Obedience Training Trusted By The Stars

Our Head Trainer Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg has worked with many famous professional athletes, including WNBA Legend Candace Parker, NBA Stars Carlos Boozer, Jimmy Butler, members of the New England Patriots and many more! Now your best friend can learn just like these famous pooches.

Dog Behavior Specialist

Zephyr is a behaviourist renowned for working with even the toughest cases and turning them around!

Obedience & Problem Solving

Obedience training often clears up behavioral problems because boredom is usually the culprit for destructiveness and other issues. Most dogs are natural athletes, and giving them a constructive outlet for their energy, like obedience training, can be a truly rewarding process and experience. Zephyr encourages you to challenge yourself and your best friend.

The Leader of the Pack
Without humans, dogs would live in a pack, and every pack needs a leader. Zephyr teaches you how to take on the role of pack leader and establish a level of attentiveness and respect that only the alpha dog gets. You will be doing yourself, your family and your dog a huge favor by giving them what a good pack leader would give them. With Greater Boston Dog you will increase the bond you already have with your dog or create a bond that you’re missing.
Real Results

There will always be new circumstances that impact a dog’s behavior, but Zephyr will provide the framework to help you and your companion immediately and effectively deal with the issues that may seem impossible to overcome.

Zephyr’s proven methods and understanding of canine behavior allow him to achieve noticeable, positive changes in your dog.

Greater Boston Dog Obedience Training is the perfect way to achieve your goals.

Trusted Dog Boarding & Expert Dog Training

Only The Best for Your Dog

Whether you need a safe place for your pet to stay or expert professional guidance to enhance their behavior, we’re here to help. Our dedicated team provides personalized care and top-notch training to ensure your dog receives the best care possible.

What We Offer For You

Our Dog Services

Obedience Training

Greater Boston Dog will help you solve problems and achieve your goals with a balanced, lighthearted approach that will appeal to the common sense of
both you and your dog.
With a new understanding of your dog’s primal need for mental and physical exercise, pack structure and affection at the right times and in multiple ways,
you will be on your way to creating a balanced and reliable companion.

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Dog Boarding

We are a boutique facility, serving no more than 50 dogs at a time. Therefore, we have the opportunity to get to know you and your dog(s) very well. Additionally, Zephyr, owner, and professional dog trainer, and his family live on-site. Your dog will be comfortable, safe and treated with love, kindness and professionalism by our amazing dog-loving staff.

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Doggie Daycare

Your dog will play in the yard with friends in small play groups specifically picked by our team with your fur baby’s fun and safety in mind.
In between playgroups and potty time, they will relax in a private temperature-controlled kennel in our daycare room or receive their, specially ordered by you, extras, such as yummy treats or spa services.

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Spa Services

Spa Services Designed specifically for your best friend! We offer Nail Trimming, Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Full Brush out, Bath only or treat your pooch with “The Works” Bath, Nails, Teeth, Ears, Full Brush Out all together, the best value!



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We have been bringing our labradoodle to Greater Boston Dog for a couple of years for boarding. The staff is excellent! The facility is extremely well run and clean. It truly is so much like a home away from home for our dog! When we drop her off she can’t wait to get inside and start “ her vacation”!

She’s truly treated like a member of their family while she’s there. We can always totally relax after we leave her there because we know that she’ll be happy and well cared for!

Eileen Murphy

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Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg

Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg

Head Trainer & Behavioral Specialist

Sabbath Clarke-Dolberg

Sabbath Clarke-Dolberg


Jill St. Martin

Jill St. Martin


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