Greater Boston Dog Training - Our Guarantee

Greater Boston Dog Training offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our Obedience Training Programs.

You'll have a hard time finding other dog training centers willing to do this. Sure, some might claim to, but when you try to get them to take action on that, they will often come up with a myriad of excuses for why their guarantee is "just not valid in your case." We've heard all the stories from dissatisfied dog lovers. They'll say things like there were unforeseen problems with your home environment, or you did not take the time to reinforce all of the training your dog received.

But you will never hear anything like that from Greater Boston Dog Training!  If you ever come across a problem (which does happen, but is very rare!), then just call Zephyr and we'll arrange for remedial training sessions at absolutely no charge. That's our rock solid guarantee that you can bank on!