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Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer, dog behavior expert, and long time member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals), which is recommended by the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan when looking for a trainer in your area.

Zephyr has been extremely passionate about dogs since early childhood. His continuous love for dogs has lead to a lifelong commitment to them. As a young boy he would research every breed he could, and go to dog shows to see them in person.

Zephyr’s mother raised and bred Portuguese Water dogs for 20 years, but it wasn’t enough. he would also ride his bicycle to the local dog pound in Milton, MA. to spend time with all breeds and sometimes his favorite ones. He would do anything just to be around them, including coaxing home the occasional stray and telling his mother it had followed him home.

Zephyr was mentored by expert dog trainer, and author of Women's Best Friend, Babette Haggerty, at Haggerty School for Dogs in Jupiter, Florida. This school was founded by the famous Captain Haggerty (Master Trainer, Hollywood movie dog trainer, and author).

In 2007,
Zephyr opened Miami Dog Training in Miami, FL. There he was fortunate to not only work with great every day dog lovers but also with Celebrities and Professional Athlete’s who love their dogs... It was also during this time that Zephyr had the pleasure of learning from world renowned animal behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar; creator of Sirius puppy and Sirius dog training, among other things.

Zephyr has volunteered his time at the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue in Palm Beach, working with small and large dogs of all breeds . Whether behavior modification, obedience training, or etiquette training, Zephyr has spent countless hours working with dogs to make them adoptable.

He has appeared as a guest speaker for the staff at the Greater North Miami Humane Society where he mentored the kennel staff in safe handling and training of dogs for major Humane Society events.

Zephyr recently moved back to Massachusetts and brings with him a passion, talent and the ability to create bonds that last a lifetime. Now based in Middleboro, Massachusetts, Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg continues his commitment to humane societies by working with Skyler's dog and cat rescue in Lakeville. His goal is to help new rescue dog owners achieve success with there canine companions.

Zephyr has also helped children with autism with their dogs, and Veterans with the need for emotional support dog training. He offers military discounts.

Zephyr's dog training philosophy and style is balanced, caring, effective and appeals to both the common sense of the human and the dog. Serving Massachusetts, and beyond.


When Zephyr is not busy training dogs, he is spending time with his family, playing with his two young children and twin toddler nephews that live across the street. As well as tending the ever-growing family hobby farm of chickens, sheep, pot belly pig, bunnies, cats and dogs and his extensive organic vegetable garden.



Greater Boston Dog Training and Zephyr will provide your dog with:

  • Mental as well as physical exercise

  • Structure in the model of an alpha dog (in the moment)

  • Lots of affection at the right time — and in different ways.

There will always be new circumstances that impact a dog's behavior, but Zephyr will provide the framework to help you and your companion immediately and effectively deal with the issues that may seem impossible to overcome.


 Without humans, dogs would live in a pack, and every pack needs a leader. Zephyr teaches you how to take on the role of pack leader and establish a level of attentiveness and respect that only the alpha dog gets.


You will be doing yourself and your best friend a huge favor by giving them what a good pack leader would give them. With Greater Boston Dog Training you will increase the bond you already have with your dog or create a bond that you're missing.


Obedience training often clears up behavioral problems because boredom is usually the culprit for destructiveness and other issues. Zephyr encourages you to challenge yourself and your best friend.


Greater Boston Dog Obedience Training is the perfect way to achieve your goals.


Most dogs are natural athletes, and giving them a constructive outlet for their energy, like obedience training, can be a truly rewarding process and experience.


Zephyr believes that by providing your companion with exercise, discipline, lots of affection, and treats at the right time, your relationship with your dog will be balanced and so much more enjoyable.










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